Tan-Aw Production


Enigma in Arts



Enigma in Arts  is a experimental dance production output of newly member and artistic apprentice of Tan-Aw production. This event expose the artistry of human kinetics and body expressions in creating a simple concept of reality in love with the mounting of classical and contemporary heart songs.








One-Act Play Festival




An artistic competition on mounting some of CARLOS PALANCA One-Act play script from management aspect to stage performances. 

This event will certainly boost the innate talent of the participants as well as motivation to enhance more about their dramatic skills.



Art Expedition & CAMP





Tan-Aw is exploring its knowledge and skills by engaging with nature wandering, cultural and historical places.

This event is about appreciating the beauty and art around the zone of traveling.


Tan-Aw Short Film Festival




This Festival is an event where each of the artist participant will learn about film production and screen acting.

It would be a great opportunity those who will join the event in showcasing independent visual art concepts about our society, nature and people.







Welcoming Ceremony




Welcoming Ceremony activity with the theme of Envisioned Goals by Merging Souls is an acquaintance and team-building empowerment activity wherein each of our newly youth member and apprentice be given opportunity to showcase their talent and skills.

The event also gives opportunity to our youth to gain some leadership skills from challenges they encounter as part of their activity.







































Summer Art Camp 2009




Our 1st ever summer art camp was held at BALANGA, BATAAN from April 20 - 23, 2009. It is a team building event in developing young individuals’ talent and skills in the field of human artistry and leadership.

Activities of the event are designed and programmed to fulfill experience and knowledge that should be gained by the young talents.

All the participants of the event will be grouped as a team wherein they had to face a friendly competition and learned from all the activities lined up in the program.  Each team will be given a designated leader in order to have organized protocol and teamwork.